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    JOIN US AND...
We offer a comprehensive package for all your tv viewing.  We conduct full demonstrations at all our events.  We also have a referral program so please inquire about this program. 

If you EVER see this unit advertised for less than $449 on-line,  you can rest assured that it is not an authorized dealer/unit. 

Company policy is such, due to our reseller guidelines and contracts, that we cannot advertise below $449 on-line.  Please be aware.  We do have a streamer on the devices that state that if you purchase on Ebay or Amazon, the unit will not be supported.  However, people have created sites and ads to try to avoid this statement.  We receive inquires about this issue often and hate for anyone to be taken advantage of!  Enjoy the REAL THING and have a lifetime of enjoyment with NO MONTHLY FEES! 
Refer to cards inside your unit for all customers service calls.  If you are trying to reach us and have not yet purchased a unit, please submit a contact form for further assistance.
We'll be happy to answer any questions.
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